Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why do all these moments make me cry...

I have an interview Friday.

It's my first interview. I'm understandably nervous. I did all the reasonable things - buy a suit, hem the pants (I'm 5'2"), pick out accessories, print directions...and now we're down to "freak out."

I do a lot better when I have "to do's" on my list. Things like update CV, etc.

What I need to remember is that I worked very hard for almost three years to get to this moment. I never wavered in my commitment to this goal, even though there were plenty of stumbles. The important thing is that I got back up, I dusted myself off, and I tried again until I finally got it.

I earned this interview and I deserve to be driving down there Friday morning. I have a lot to give, and I have my own perspective on why I want to practice medicine. I want to contribute to the field, to my community, and to the world at large. I want to give something back for all the opportunity that I've had.

I think I'm just trying to organize my thoughts into concise answers to anticipated questions. And I guess I'm nervous about being around the other applicants who will, no doubt, have done some amazing things with their pre-med years. I also think I'm probably forgetting about the amazing things I did with my pre-med years too...

At any rate, Friday at 12:15 EST, I'll be interviewing for med school. And that's kind of an amazing thing.

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