About Me

Greetings! And thanks for stopping by...

a little about me - I'm a thirtysomething nontraditional medical student living separately from the family and trying to stay sane during a somewhat insane process. I cook and bake a lot, I try to remember to blog, and I basically study and go to class a bazillion hours a week. I'm currently in my first year, and looking forward to all the things to come.

This whole crazy thing started in September 2010 when I was about 8 months from graduating with a bachelor's degree in Public Service... and then I was laid off from my job. After a month of moping (which is required according to the US DOL, I think) I woke up one morning and realized that I was now free to do whatever I wanted.

And what was that exactly? Well, I'd always been interested in science and medicine, so I started looking into medical careers... nurse, EMT, etc... but finally decided that if I was going to go for it... I might as well try to go all the way.

So I signed up for some pre-requisites and made an appointment with the pre-med adviser. The rest is chronicled here on the blog.

So welcome! I hope you find my tale interesting. I always welcome productive comments and helpful suggestions, and am always looking for interesting medical (or not so much) blogs to add to my reading list.