Sunday, November 16, 2014

Block Two

Firmly entrenched into the second block (semester for everyone else) of my first year and I must admit I'm just really happy. Sure, Anatomy lab stinks to high heaven and I'm not sure I get anything out of those three hour blocks of my life that I will never get back...and sure, I'm not entirely sure I know what I'm doing in osteopathic manipulations class...and yes, I miss my family so much sometimes that it's hard to breathe...

But I'm doing the thing that I've been put on earth to do. I am not just following my dreams, but achieving them. There is ready evidence that I've accomplished something, and a long to-do list of things I've yet to accomplish. I'm in the "dream sweet spot" somewhere on the road between one plateau and another.

One of my cats came to live with me about a week ago, and while we are still adjusting to each other in the new space, it's good to have something else alive in this apartment. And he's content to nap while I study and only occasionally make demands of me - time to play, bowl is empty, omg it's three am and you're sleeping!!

We first years have also been permitted to join clubs this block, having proven that we can "cut it" as far as school goes since we passed block one and are still in our seats. This has allowed me to find other people interested in similar things as I, which implies a certain similarity of personality as well. I feel far less isolated.

The structure of my classes has changed as well. Instead of taking six separate sciences, I am taking six different aspects of one subject - the musculoskeletal system. The curriculum feels more integrated and I feel less like I'm being pulled in six different directions.

It's also the holiday season, so I know that I get to go home every three weeks and spend quality time with my people. I won't lie and say that every single moment is a blessing, but I will say that every day is a relatively good day, and I'm happy with my choices.

I'm also supremely happy that I'm going through this experience as a grown-up. This small difference means that I will go to bed when I'm tired, budget my time so I don't have to pull all-nighters, and will eat, exercise, and take care of myself. I really can't recommend that last thing more. We're learning how to take care of other people, it seems quite a shame if we aren't taking care of ourselves.

Speaking of taking care... there's about a billion muscles I have to go memorize...

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