Friday, January 20, 2012

Everest is a big mountain...

So, while I was project managing, one of my favorite stories was how when you climb everest, you have to keep going down, then going back up, then going back down again, in order to acclimate yourself to the lower atmospheric pressure (and thus lower O2 pressure). It was basically a story about how getting there sometimes requires going in the opposite direction.

So we are in the "new" version of my life and I find the same to be true. Over the summer I learned that we shouldn't over-schedule ourselves if we want to be successful. Now I'm learning that if you didn't get everything you needed in "First Semester of Subject" you won't actually understand anything in "Second Semester of Subject".

This seems like a no-brainer, right? The only problem being that my first degree, while progressive, did not have a linear progression to it. If I didn't like Practices in Human Resources, I only had to suffer for fifteen weeks, memorize enough to pass, and then it was over. With science, if you don't understand acid/base chemistry, there is no escape. It will keep coming up again and again over and over until you just hunker down and actually learn the differences between pKa, K, and pH.

So. What does all this mean? It means getting a "C" in Organic Chemistry I is not enough to prosper in Organic Chemistry II. So here I am again, in OChem I...

...and yes, I feel a bit "fail-y". But I also learned that true failure isn't retracing your steps, but in ceasing the journey altogether. And quite frankly, I'm not giving up. I'm trying again, this time with more focus.

Besides, this gives me a great way to segue into examples of my perseverance and show proof that I don't give up. I'm shooting for an A+ because I think it makes the point all the more poignant.

(And looks good. Let's not ignore the fact that I'm a weaselly pre-med student...)

(By the way, if you are also pre-med, or post-med, or interested in the life of the med student, or medicine, or hey, just happen to like funny things, cruise on over to this blog.
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Yay Doctor Fizzy! :)


  1. If it's any comfort, many of the people I went to medical school with had to repeat Organic Chemistry and/or Biochemistry. Some of them more than once. Stumbling a bit on the road to being a doctor, as we all do, doesn't mean you won't be a great one when you get there.

    1. thank you for saying so, it's always good to hear I'm not alone in my continued attempts! :)